Was Ubers driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes - CNET

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Was Ubers driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes     - CNET
31 Mar 2018 ... Autonomous vehicle crashes don't look like human driven ones. ... Most of the world say the video and thought, gee, that crash looked inevitable. In an interview with ... Many experts say the car should have picked up on a pedestrian in a wide-open roadway, after she had already crossed a wide-open lane.
29 Mar 2018 ... According to a report by CNET, experts believe that the accident could've been avoided. Uber's Systems Should've Detected The Pedestrian. The outlet cites information that it received from Cortica, a tech company that specializes in developing artificial intelligence for driverless cars. According to the ...
22 Mar 2018 ... Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes. After watching a dashboard video of the fatal collision, some autonomous-vehicle analysts say the car's sensors should've detected the pedestrian. by. Dara Kerr. March 23, 2018 12:37 PM PDT. ntsb. National Transportation Safety Board ...
20 Mar 2018 ... After a woman is killed by a self-driving car in Arizona, police investigate whether a human or the car was at fault. ... The NHTSA said that, along with dispatching its Special Crash Investigation team, it's also in contact with Uber and Volvo, and with federal, state and local authorities, about the incident.
22 Mar 2018 ... Uber dashcam footage shows lead up to fatal self-driving crash – video. Video of the first self-driving car crash that killed a pedestrian suggests a “catastrophic failure” by Uber's technology, according to experts in the field, who said the footage showed the autonomous system erring on one of its most basic ...

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